Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Working on new Ideas...

How about some Bracelets? My firsts....


Janis said...

Dear Daisy,
My name is Pamela I've just found out your work through flickr.I live in Argentina.Congratulations on your gorgeous work!I have a question for you, there's no fimo clay in my country but there's another modelling clay very popular I believe it's made with glue and cornstarch and it doesn't need any cooking, do you think I could try the same millefiore tecnique? And how do you model the beads after the canes are ready?
Well I send you a big hug and congs again

red.daisy said...

Thank you Pamela for your kind words!
Maybe you have other polymer clay's in Argentina. Maybe sculpey or other brands. Here in switzerland we only have Fimo.
If you use air dry clay it might be difficult to use the cane for bead making. Plus, you wont be able to store the canes for later uses. When you have a cane, you make slices and put them on balls of clay and then bake. Check the internet for tutorial for bead making. There is loads of information!
Good luck! And hugs to you too.