Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I love Fimo (polymerclay)!! It amazes me time and time again how much you can make out of Fimo, how endless the posibilites of creations are and all the great things that come out of it. I love experimenting, I love playing around with it, trying out new techniques and reading up on what others are doing. (Yeah, I'm writing this on a fimo-high and have some new things in the oven as I write *smile*)

www.glassattic.com is great! You do need time to read through everything but it has so much information on it, great tips and tricks, go have a look if you haven't already! I was so discouraged yesterday but after reading some things on there to make my life a bit easier I'm back up on the motivation train.

And off I go to admire my new things.....


Mary Peterson said...

Hi Daisy,

Hope you will post pics of your new stuff. I always enjoy seeing it!



red.daisy said...


I just did. Hope you like them! :-)