Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm "it"!

I have been tagged to a little game by rani and here is how it goes:

I have to share 7 facts about my self and then "tag" 7 other people on their blogs. For now, here are the 7 things about me. I'll do the tagging a bit later!

1) I'm a pop-corn addict. When I'm down or just "had it" I buy a bag of popcorn and eat it alone infront of the t.v.

2) I've stopped eating meat at age 18. I'm a vegetarian now for 14 years.

3) I am a lonesome cowgirl and don't like going to courses to learn something new hence I teach my self the things I want to learn from books, internet or intuition and trial and error.

4) I was born in Switzerland but moved to Canada at age 10 with my mom and siblings. 10 years later I returned to my hometown wanting to do a 3 year apprenticeship and go back to Canada. But I'm still here in Switzerland....after 13 years.

5) I don't wear any black clothes any more, after years of only wearing red and black.

6) I wear glasses when I sit at the computer, watch t.v or read a book.

7) I had 3mm short blond hair for years along with a septum piercing. The hair has grown now though and back to brown and the piercing is out.


K M RANI said...

Thanks for sharing about yourself red daisy! I too turned vegetarian at age 18 and I must have popcorn (caramelised) when I am at the movies. The fun part of being tagged is the saying 7 facts about ourselves and others learning 7 things about us, but the tagging 7 others....mmmhh. I took several days to find 7 other people to tag. I think it'd be nice if we just had to tag one other person; it would not too onerous or cumbersome that way..What do you think?

red.daisy said...

Yes, I'm having a hard time finding 7 other people to tag and maybe I'll just leave that part out *smile* or at least find a couple, but not seven. One person would be great, maybe we should change the rules? *grinning*