Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sometimes I find it difficult to be patient. Patient with my self and my crafts. I would love to create more, faster and sell sell sell but right now I don't always have the energy nor the calm to sit and work at the crafts table. And sometimes I'm just full of self doubt and wondering if this is worth while. It's an expensive and a time consuming hobby yet I love it, I love putting my creativity into the fimo and it's colours.

Time, Patience, Energy.



Mary said...

Hi there daisy,

I can really empathize with you - who wants to cook or clean when we can clay?!

I check your blog every day; I ran across it on the 'ring'... I enjoy your work alot!

Hang in there...!


red.daisy said...

Thanks so much Mare! Although I love my job it takes a lot of energy out of me at the moment and leaves little for clay-ing! But I guess we all have our ups and downs.
Do you have a blog aswell?

Mary said...

Sorry Daisy,
I do not blog but enjoy reading and keeping up with several of y'all. MaggiMaggio.com, silastones.com, polymerclaynotes.com, polymerclaydaily.. etc. I am a newbie at clay and am learning alot from just reading. I'll be checking in again!



red.daisy said...

Ah yes, I'm a newbie aswell and I spend a lot of time looking at other peoples works to get inspired and to learn. It's great seeing what others are doing. I am so glad that the internet exists!

Happy clay-ing to you, dear Mary!