Sunday, April 22, 2007

Something new

It always fascinated me, seeing picture transfers on fimo, I don't know why. I thought that it way too complicated, so I never tried it.

I found a great book in the library about all sorts of different ways of making beads and jewelry on Friday and they discribed how to do transfers in such an easy way that now I just had to try it!

Here's how I did it:

Photocopy an image. (If you use words, it'll be reversed) (I copied something from Ikea, I hope they wont sue me!) Mold your pendant with fimo in the size and style that you want it in. Then, apply a very thin coat (I use Q-tips) of peppermint oil (the book said Eucolyptus, but I only had peppermint and that worked fine) and slowly put the photocopy on the fimo. Do not move it anymore. Then, apply some more oil on the back of the paper but do not drench it, it'll otherwise smear the picture. Leaving the paper on bake your fimo pendant according to directions. After the fimo has cooled slowly take off the paper and voila! There you have your transfer!
It's so easy that I think I'm just gonna go wild with this, hahaha.............


Marquita said...

This sounds very interesting.

red.daisy said...

thank you. :-)

Enkhe said...

Very useful posts you have!

feli said...

Hi I came upon your blog while googling the world Fimo Pendants and I find this technique very interesting. Thanks for the tip.

I am a beginner in Polymer Clay So I added your blog to my RSS Feeds. :*)