Monday, April 30, 2007

Cleaning up

I am amazed what sometimes comes out of leftover bits of fimo!
Today I decided to clean up my work-table. I had a lot of scrap pieces from cane ends or very very old and "beginners" canes that have been sitting in a tupperware. Inspired from' s blogger page I decided to make beads out of the bits and peaces.
Two of my favorite outcomes form this "clean up" are the green swirl beads and the wrapped up ones, shown in the photo's. I think I'm going to continue making wrapped up beads, you can use so many shades and colours to get different kinds of effects. I've seen paper beads like this and always found them very inspiring and pretty! Just wonder how I'll use them in jewelry!

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I'm glad that you got inspired by my blog. I really like the wrapped beads. Isn't crap clay wonderful? I play with them all the time. Keep up the good work. :)