Saturday, April 21, 2007

I bought this fimo "magic bead roller" yesterday, after seeing it on someone's blog. The woman who had this on the blog had really pretty beads and so I thought, "why not!" in hopes to save my self a lot of time when I roll my beads. In hopes that the patterns don't deform when rolling. So I exitedly went home with this magical thing in my pocket and I was already disappointed after opening it. It had pink clay on it!!! So it was used! I guess I could have gone back to town to return it but I was so eager to use! I cut my clay and added the bits to the roller as pictured in the instructions....I tried, failed, tried again and I was so disappointed by the whole thing because the beads just never came out nice! You first have to press the clay through this strange thingy so it fits and that alone already takes too much short: why did I buy this? Am I doing something wrong? Anyone have good expiriences with it?


mary said...

Hi daisy,

I have one that I bought some time ago and I found that it was hard to use. I would not slide smoothly for me so I tried to lube the groove and it did't help much. So, it sits. Maybe a search on the Glass Attic may help????


Christine said...

I have 2 bead rollers that I use for bracelet forms. If you want a bracelet that has a rounded top, you can use a larger bead roller for the form. It's hard to describe but your surface goes into the mold first, then some filling with grooves for elastic then a textured baking. Take it out of mold, bake it then cut while hot to length you want.

Maybe we could list all the alternate uses for these things. Besides a mold for bracelets, I also use it to hold round beads until I'm ready to cure them. (I wait a couple of days- they go onto to the wire I bake them on easier.)

There's also a new book with projects for these things. Maybe that would make them more useful!


red.daisy said...

You have some good ideas christine, thank you! Not sure what to do with it still and might try some things out.

What is the book called that you mentioned? Sounds interessting.


Daisy, I used the roller a while ago, now I roll beads by hand because it is faster. I found the way to get the exact amout of clay to fit the roller. I'll put the tutorial on my blog soon.


Daisy, I put the tut on my blog today. Just for you. :)