Sunday, June 3, 2007

Two New Flowers

I was busy today creating two new flowers and the tutorials to them. I guess if you've seen one of this kind you can make another, with different colours again. But I decided to document both anyway. Next time I'll make a tutorial for beads. Haven't done one for beads before.

I sold a lot of things last week and it was very nice sending the packages out to people all over Switzerland. Getting feedback from them was also very nice and very motivating! Selling also allows me to continue my hobby. If I wouldn't sell I'm not sure how long I could do this for, at least not at this rate because the materials are pretty expensive over here. So, selling has many sides to it not just making money but also being able to do something I love.


Wesley M. Warren said...

Great way to help people understand the process, and nice shooting too!

Get your NAME on the shot, because people snap these up like candy, and you deserve credit for them!!

Take care, and nice to find your blog.


red.daisy said...

Thanks for the tip. I used to put my name on all my photo's but then got tired of it, it's so much work, but so is taking all the shots, hahaha. You are right, I deserve credit! :-) You reminded me to do it again, thanks! :-) And thanks for stopping by!