Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Where's the time?

Wow, business is soaring and I haven't had a dry spell in weeks now. My "out-box" always has an envelope waiting to go to the post and my "in-box" of my email account keeps buzzing with new "congratulations your item has sold" anouncements! I'm exited...but a bit frazzeled. I am really enjoying making my own beads and having people buy them with joy. It is very fullfilling for me. BUT I also have an out-of-home job and two kids, an apartment and a boyfriend! *smile* I'm not frazzeld of being successfull (anymore) but about finding the time to get everything done. Sometimes I am so scared of finding enough time that I freeze and waste time on the computer looking at sillyness instead of sitting at my work table.
Maybe I need to get some kind of plan when I should do what so that I can get into the rhythm of getting everything done that I want. As of next month I will be working more out side of home and I am a bit scared that I'll have even less time at my clay table.
Any suggestions, tips, experiences that you've made?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Daisy!

Try Flylady.net... she is amazing! She'll help you get a handle on all the things that need to be done!