Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Almost well

Well, I haven't healed completley but I do feel a bit better. Plus, I'm just very impatient and very much in love with creating with pc SO...ya can't keep me away from the table too long! *smile*

I've created different things for different reasons in the past two weeks. I had a couple (and still have some) of custom orders for beads that I have done in the past with the question if I could replicate some. Thank goodness I didn't use up all of my canes from the past! I made some new-old beads which was strange because we all get better with time and looking at old beads is weird...the flaws!!! The beginner mistakes that are so obvious all of a sudden!!! hahaha...what fun!

What I love is when customers ask me to do things with special colour combinations that I have never thought of using before. Orders like these are really nice to work on.

And the ideas that are buzzing about in my head want to become real aswell so I dabbled a bit with them and tried some new things out. Interessting!

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Squirrel said...

Hi, I'm glad you're getting better. You will heal completely, considering how willing you are to work PC :-D

The gold/brown beads are nice, I like the colours :)
And, old beads! What you said is SO true. Everything seems imperfect, even what I had spent so much care on.

Bye ;)