Monday, August 13, 2007

Getting Personal

I've been thinking a lot about having my own "business". As I sell more things now, I want to personalize my things better and get a bit more "professional". It all seems a bit silly to me as sometimes I just think of my self as "a girl selling some beads for her hobby", but why not get out there and think a bit broder!? Inspired by one of the photo's in Donna Kato's book (yes! I finally got one!!) I decided to make my own "stamp" for putting my name on my products. I sometimes forget but when I don't this is what it looks like (see photo on the left). They are my initials and I plan on making more stamps as I get better.

Having a bit of an overdose on creating with Fimo I decided to work on the idea with making little present bags to put my things in, especially my pendants. When I sell beads they go into small, clean professional looking zip-lock baggies (they are called mini-grips here) but the pendants are too big for those. I almost bought some see-through ready-made fabric ones last week but they cost chf 1.80 PER BAG (and they aren't very big)!! Nah, I'm not that big of a company yet to be able to afford that, hahahaha! So I wanted to make my own and bought some fabric at the store only to realize that my sewing machine is missing a major bit: the electrical cable!! (is this my ex-husbands humour?) So that was out of the question. For some reason, I started fumbling around with paper this morning. I was so determined to get this idea done that I created some small paper baggy out of scrap wrapping paper. Now, I have never done this before and I feel like I just sat there and watched my hands create these as if they have done so for years by the thousands! It was great!! I got out some more of last years x-mas paper I saved for doing crafts and just made some more. These are some samples and while some have a dent and a crumple here and there, they look pretty good. I also created some labels to close them with. I'm pretty happy about this now and who knows where this will lead! Perhaps to a paper-baggy business? *grinning*


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Hi Red Daisy, this is the first time I comment on your blog :)

These paper bags are nice! And if you think that the idea came up out of the blue, they're even nicer :)
Did you ever think of making your own paper? I think it's called recicled paper in English. I love the look of it and I'd love to learn how to make these bags.