Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I am totally exhausted and wishing for Holidays, for Sun and Sand, for time-out! Good thing that as of tomorrow I finally have 6 days off work!

My latest Projects include trying out Kaleidoscope canes. Unfortunatley I forgot to take pictures of the canes and used them all up for the beads (they were small canes). I really liked working on the kaleidoscope patterns and I am going to venture into this a bit more, for sure. I already have new material to use on my clay-table and as soon as I have some new energy, that is where you'll find me! :-)

I especially like using black+white with the red. I already have new ideas to use the black+white in combination with other colours.

On the weekend I also started working on some flower lentil beads. I am trying to use up some old canes to make space for new ones so I decided to try these patterns. Half of them still need sanding, but because both of my wrists hurt again from working so much (outside of home) I am forced to take a break for a bit. That kinda sucks. But here's a sneak peak of how the finished ones look!


nigule said...

hello daisy, at first, sorry for my english.
i want to give you a compliment to your work! your beads are beautiful! it´s an inspiration for me.
i work with fimo too, but i am not so powerful, like you :-)) especially in this time - i have one year old son...
i will watch for your blog!
have a nice day, nigule

KARA said...

wow you are so talented when it comes to PC, those black and white are gorgeous so clever.
thanks for sharing

red.daisy said...

Thank you so much nigule and kara! Compliments like these inspire me to go on with my claying and lets me know that I'm on the right track!


lillysmuul said...

You do amazing work!
estonian clay crafters love your tutorials!
I haven't give finger to clay art yet...;D