Monday, December 3, 2007

The end, or the beginning?

After finishing and selling my marble beads I only half heartedly tried some other beads (and worked on a custom order). They have been sitting on my table for almost two weeks now and waiting for similar ones to be finished so that I can sell them together. I've been really putting this task off (sanding, buffing) because it takes so much time and energy.

In the meantime I have another enflammed wrist and I should not sand, I should'nt do anything *smile* but that's nearly impossible as I'm unhappy when I have to sit still. I'm not sure how I'll go on with this. I decided to take a break from my clay table not only because of my wrist but also because I felt no inspiration or "need" to clay. That's a bit scary because this is a hobby I don't want to end! I'm known for doing something intensely and then moving on to the next and I really don't wish for that to happen with this one. I sat at my table to try something out for christmas (a little something to say thank you to my regular clients). It was a lot of fun and got me back addicted to my beloved clay! *grinning* But I did realize what I need to do is change the way I work. I put way too much pressure on my self to create something "great" and to do it as fast as I can. A combination that just doesn't always work!

Yeah. I'm looking forward to next year. For the rest of this year I'm gonna take it a bit easy and gain new energy and inspiration for the upcoming time (next year).

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