Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rambling about varnishing versus buffing

Last week I read on someones blog that it was absolutely unnecessary to varnish polymer clay beads. Hm! I just sat there scratching my head and looked at some of my beads....I varnish 99% of my beads!!! *grinning* Yes, I varnish almost all of them because I like the "glass-like" look of the beads and I think the colours come out more brightly after varnishing and they just feel so smooth!
Now yesterday I was sanding my newest beads and in the end I decided to try "buffing". I never really tried it because I found that sanding was enough work already, forget the buffing. I never believed either that it was possible to get such a shine with just buffing as you do with varnishing. I was always sceptical with the foto's in books that state it's a buff. *grinning* Yeah, so I tried buffing a bead on my cotton kitchen cloth after sanding. I was a bit in a craze because I really really really wanted to finish these beads. Hey, and it kinda worked. The bead came out pretty shinny and the colour looks bright aswell. So I buffed the rest of that kind of bead and left it at that. (I also added some hand cream unintentionaly because I creamed my hands just before, hey, that even adds to the shine!) I did varnish some other beads because I'm just the varnish type....and am, I guess, afraid to leave my beads so naked. Yes, maybe that's it! I feel like if I don't varnish my beads, they wont be protected.
Hm. So what's your take on varnishing versus buffing?

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